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What is Diosa + how did we come up with the name?
Well for all our non-Spanish speaking people (Annette included), Diosa translates to goddess in Spanish. Diosa was born after bonding over our love for fashion and a drive to make our dreams come true. Inspired from Cynthia's Guatemalan roots + Annette's Greek roots, the name Diosa came along. We both wanted something that we would share, relate to, and love deeply.
The minute Diosa rolled off Cynthia's tongue, there was a mutual love for the name. We could not imagine our baby being called anything else! Just like that, the ideas just kept coming.
A dollar and a dream later, we got together to bring you goddesses trendy, quality styles at an affordable price. We aspire for each and every one of you to come to us as your new shopping buddy. You know, your go to girls that will help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion.
Who are the hot ladies in the photo?
Hey that's us!! Annette (on the right) & Cynthia (on the left)!
Annette + Cynthia are truly a perfect pair. We do love to call each other our "Soul Mates" because we're the exact same person! We are two hard headed, yet loving people. Cynthia always gets sh*t done, and Annette always sets Cynthia straight. Believe it or not, we used to hate each other! Annette loves to remind Cynthia of when she used to be a b*tch. We have grown to love each other though, and have been inseparable since.
Is Cynthia really a b*tch?
No! Okay maybe! In a good way, of course! This is Cynthia, Co-Owner of Diosa (& full-time dog mom to Lacy). This sassy little Guatemalan was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, #sblocal. She is a wonderful person to come to for fashion advice, and TV show recommendations (she finally got Annette to watch Friends!). Style is in Cynthia’s blood, her love for feeling beautiful through fashion will forever be with her and she wants to share that with everyone. She loves helping and will always be available for questions or suggestions on styling your cute Diosa 'fits!

Okay, so who's Annette?

Introducing Annette, Co-Owner of Diosa and part time mom of Kishy, her crazy kitty. We had to mention our animals, okay? We have other babies other than Diosa! She was born in Sacramento, CA but grew up in Santa Barbara. #sblocal? (kind of). Annette is a kind and caring person that is always willing to go above and beyond for people, even if she doesn't know them. You know that girl that's sitting outside your dressing room, screaming "YOU LOOK SO BOMB IN THAT!"? That's Annette. She is your go-to shopping buddy and without a doubt, will make you feel amazing in anything.  
Thanks for tuning in and learning a little bit about us! We hope you enjoy our baby, we have worked very hard on her! Please don't hesitate to contact us for any outfit help, wine suggestions, TV shows to watch, good Pho places to try, or any help in general.
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