Tiucal Handmade Straw Tote Bag


Throw the Tiucal Handmade Straw Tote Bag over your shoulder and make your way to the Farmer's Market in style! With it’s “picnic basket” aesthetic, you have a reasonable excuse to stuff your tote to the brim with fresh veggies, mouth-watering fruits, and sweet sweet honey straws -- if you’re trip to the farmer’s market didn’t cost more than the tote itself, then did you really go? Or an obvious (and most likely cheaper) alternative, Michelada tall cans, duh! This gorgeous structured straw tote is designed with a wooden handle, large structured body, and woven straw material. Styled in the photos with the Rosa Floral Mini Dress and Serene Crescent Hoop Earrings.

  • Structured
  • Large Body
  • Wooden Handle
  • Lightweight
  • Straw

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