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Article: From Manager to One of Best Friends

From Manager to One of Best Friends

From Manager to One of Best Friends

I met Alma back in 2013--10 years ago, damn. We met for the first time when I was interviewing for ANGL, a woman's clothing store located in Santa Barbara. She was the store manager for the Paseo Nuevo location--go team store 3!
The interview went well, I got the job. My second retail job! I like to think I was meant to meet this woman. I worked as a sales associate, it was nothing crazy. Clock in, clock out, get paid, spend it on clothing. I never thought 10 years later I would still be in retail, or that my manager would be one of my best friends. 
After almost a year of working there I had placed my two weeks notice. I was being offered slightly higher pay in a lame little gift shop, ew. On my last day I asked to take back my notice, I wanted to stay. Thank god I did!! 
I became"key holder" and shortly after I moved up to assistant manager--big girl title. Heyoo! Alma and I worked so well together. We were the dynamic duo! She called me her "Mini Me" and to this day she still has me in her phone as "Cynthia Mini Me." 
After 3 years of ANGL, I resigned. This time for real. It was the longest resignation meeting... Lets just say it was daylight when we went into the meeting. Tears, yelling, laughing, hugs, all the things. It broke my heart to think that I wasn't going to be working with my big sister. 


Ultimately I knew she was going to be in my life for a long long time. Fast forward 7 years, I live with her. I call her family. We talk every single day.  She has always been a big supporter of anything I do. Anything! 

Introducing, Alma (aka. Almations). Diosa model, big sister, bestie, my favorite dude. 

Aw man, I love you dude!!! 

Con mucho amorssss,

Cyn Cyn 


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