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Article: My Lazy Girl Skincare + Some Makeup Routine

My Lazy Girl Skincare + Some Makeup Routine

My Lazy Girl Skincare + Some Makeup Routine

I remember waking up at 6am every morning to get ready for my first period in high school that started at 8am--I think? Not sure exactly what time class started. I was always late or didn't show up until second period. Don't tell my mom. 

I look back and think.. WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT! I am 25 now. I don't have time to spend 2 hours getting ready. I have 30 minutes because I stay in bed until I am running late!

Now that my mini rant is over, I timed myself on how long it takes me to get ready in the morning. 38 minutes--Concert in the shower, skincare, snuggle with my dog, do a little dance, get dressed, y vamonos! 

After years of wearing pounds of make up, I decided to stop. It was taking up so much time to blend in my foundation, pick the perfect eyeshadow for my outfit, and don't even get me started on winged eyeliner! My skincare routine went from 2 hours to 38 minutes. 

How the heck does it only take 38 minutes?

SKINCARE!!! A solid skincare routine is a major must to feeling good about your skin. Which leads to being okay with not having to wear so much make up. I had lots of help forming my skincare routine--Soul sista Annette put in work!

Side note:

To my girls that like to have snatched contour and all that fun stuff--mad props because I myself am not talented enough to do that. I am not hating--I appreciate your work!

What is my lazy girl skincare routine?

Step one: Find an amazing friend that knows her stuff about skin--but don't bother mine, she's busy! Talk to your esthetician, Dermatologist, or local Sephora gal that knows a thing or two!

Step two: Get quality products that fit your skincare goals--I don't mean Chanel face wash *rolls eyes*. I mean don't go to CVS and get Clean & Clear and assume it's going to solve all your problems. Do your research, girl!

Step three: This is where I actually share the products I have and the order in which I use them.

     I start by jumping in the shower, I use the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Facial Cleanser to wash my face. I prefer to wash my face in the shower to save water and might as well, I'm already cleaning everything else!

     After my concert in the shower I tone it up! Using the ZO Skin Health Oil Control Acne Pads  I reduce the formation of acne, normalize oil and the appearance of pore size. I don't know what all that means, I just know Annette told me to use the pads and I love what they have done!

     Following my toner, I use my two favorite Elta MD products. Starting with a small amount of the Skin Recovery Serum. This serum is packed with ingredients that strengthen and renew the skin’s natural barrier, improving skin health from the inside out and visibly reducing redness in just 24 hours. And I am into it!

     After using the Skin Recovery Serum I apply my ultimate favorite, Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer. This makes my face feel so dang good!! This non-greasy formula feels weightless on my skin, allowing for effortless blending and wearability. It helps moisturize and restore the skin’s natural barrier, lots of restoring going on in these last two steps!

 Does this leave time for make up?

YES! It may sound like a lot of work but it honestly takes no more than 3 minutes to do the skin care aspect. Once my face is all clean and moisturized, I apply a thin layer of sunscreen--cause skin cancer is no joke! My favorite brand is Elta MD. Their stuff is super affordable, lightweight, and made for acne/sensitive skin!

I then grab whatever concealer I find on my bathroom counter. Applying the concealer under my eyes and small dabs on any blemishes or red areas. 

Do a little touch up on the brows--if I'm low on time I just brush on some brow gel. Apply mascara and if you want to get real crazy, apply eye shadow, and that's it!

Now, I run out the door to make sure I have time to get coffee! 


Con mucho mucho amor, 



I loved this blog post!! I have never been able to stick to one skin care routine and after reading this I think my problem is solved!!


I loved this blog post!! I have never been able to stick to one skin care routine and after reading this I think my problem is solved!!


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